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When it comes to choosing the right fireplace for your home, it can seem like the choices are endless and confusing. There are many good options for fireplace available, which one you choose will depend on your individual needs and priorities. If you’re unsure which fireplace is right for your home, Burning Inspirations can help you choose the right fireplace for you. Consider which of the following factors you consider the most important for your home.



When most of us are considering a fireplace to choose for our home, we think of aesthetics first, or the look and feel we want to create at home. Designs of fireplaces can vary from contemporary to traditional and some fireplaces are considered better looking than others. Wood Burning fireplaces are considered the most aesthetically pleasing and authentic to choose from, but wood burners aren’t necessarily the most efficient or convenient type of fireplace to have at home. However, a wood burning fireplace will work in a power cut and have a high heat output, so if you’re main concern is to have a fireplace that looks good and you’re willing to put the work in to maintaining it, a wood burning fireplace is a fantastic option. You don’t need to compromise looks for efficiency and convenience, however. Nowadays there are plenty of gas and electric fireplaces available that are made to look like a wood burner, so you can have the best of both worlds.


Heat output

If you have central heating in your home, you may want a secondary heat source that you can use in the colder months for an extra boost of heat. Most fireplaces will give a decent amount of heat output, but if you’re looking for good heat output that will work well with your current central heating system, a gas fireplace is an excellent option. They can come with an open front so you can enjoy the live flames, or can have a glass door fitted. The gas can be turned up or down depending on what level of heat output you require and are easily adjustable to suit your current home heating system. They don’t require any specific ventilation and are overall cost-effective for the level of heat you get in return.



If you want a fireplace in your home but you don’t want the hassle of having to regularly light, clean and maintain a wood burning stove, there are many convenient fireplace options still open to you. If you’re looking to add atmosphere in your home, a gas fireplace has real flames that flicker and have faux logs or coals to make it look realistic. You also get the benefit of being able to control the flames and heat output, often via remote control, making it the most convenient yet atmospheric option. If you like the idea of a flickering flame but aren’t too concerned with the look of a real fire in your home, or you want to opt for a more contemporary fireplace, an electric fireplace is a good option for you. They often have paper flames that dance when turned on to resemble the flicker of real flames and are highly easy to use. They can be plugged in anywhere in the home and turn on with the flick of a switch, making them the easiest accessible fireplace option.


Fuel efficiency

If your main concern is having a fireplace that is fuel efficient, your options may be more limited. While a wood burning fireplace provides the best atmosphere and heat output, they aren’t the most fuel-efficient options available. A gas fireplace, on the other hand, can be operated without electricity and doesn’t require a chimney or flue network to use. Additionally, gas is a clean and economical fuel that can be temperature adjusted to suit your needs. They also produce less particulate matter and have a decent heat output.


Fireplaces from burning inspirations

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