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​Whether you are looking to make home improvements for yourself, or are looking to sell your home, there is no doubt that a fireplace can add a real wow factor to any room. By just having a fireplace of any style within your living room, you can expect an increase of approximately 12% to be added to the value of your home. Fireplaces add that extra comfort and style to any living area, especially during the winter months. They are also becoming increasingly popular within bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. 


Where you install your fireplace completely depends on the size and layout of the room it is being placed in. Traditionally the fireplace is centrally located within the main living area of a home, however, thanks to piped vents, many fireplace styles can now be installed anywhere within a room. Symmetry can be overrated and many households like to have the TV as a focal point with a fireplace to one side. You may also want to consider how much heat you want seeping into other areas of the house – if your fireplace is in the center of the living room, will the heat from it travel upstairs to heat a bedroom?

Electric Fireplaces 

There are so many benefits to installing an Electric Fireplace, they can be bought quite cheaply from most DIY shops or homeware retailers, they are super easy to install, and can look absolutely mesmerizing. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option then electric is the best choice for you, they are 100% efficient as they do not produce smoke or give out any fumes, and many now can use renewable energy. The downside to electric fireplaces is the cost of running them in a standard home without solar panels. Electric fires take longer to heat up than gas fireplaces so you will need to have them running for longer to feel the full effect. 

Gas Fireplaces

Many homes built between 1950-2000 were constructed with working chimneys and gas fireplaces. They dipped in popularity due to central heating in the early 2000s, but have recently become a selling feature again within the housing market. Gas fireplaces are fantastic for reducing your heating costs compared to central heating. Gas fires heat up quickly while focusing the heat into the room you are using, rather than heating the entire house, including rooms you aren’t using.

Wood Burning Fires

If you are combing through Pinterest or Instagram for home interior inspiration, you will no doubt have scrolled through image after image of beautifully dressed wood burning fires. In just the past year, the installation of these desirable fires has exploded, making them a must-have centrepiece for any homeowner. 

Wood burning fires look magnificent. The crackling sounds of the flames, alongside the warming scent of charred logs, can’t be beaten when creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.


Burning Inspirations

Upgrading your existing fireplace or purchasing a new one can transform your room, so the type you invest in must be right. Let us help you make this important decision. Our dedicated team will talk you through the features of our fireplaces, and help identify the right investment for your home.

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