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Summer has been a triumph this year with consistent sunshine and heat. Many have been making the most of the warm summer nights with garden parties and BBQs. If you want to make those social summer evenings last longer, an outdoor wood burning stove can provide you with a pleasant atmosphere for the perfect summer evening to spend with friends and family.

Soon we will be heading out of summer and our thoughts will turn towards winter with its short, cold days and dark evenings. While it will still be some time before we need to worry about the long nights setting in, it is never too early to start preparing our gardens for the colder days and nights ahead. If you love spending time outdoors regardless of the weather, an outdoor wood burning stove can offer a cheerful centrepiece to your summer garden, and give you the cosy light and warmth you need in autumn and winter.


Types of outdoor stoves

If you are looking to install a heater in your garden, an outdoor wood burning stove may be your best solution. There are many different types of stove you can use to light and heat your patio and garden throughout the seasons depending on your budget and tastes. Traditional options include the chimenea or a fire pit, which, while looking nice, are known to provide less heat and light than an outdoor wood burning stove. This might not seem much of a problem while the sunshine lasts, but soon you’ll find that the chimenea and fire pit won’t be very effective once autumn rolls around and the chill sets in.

Rather than buying two separate heaters for the different seasons, buying one that will be effective all year round is the best option to save time and money. An electric patio heater may solve this issue, but they usually don’t have the same aesthetic as a genuine outdoor wood burning stove and won’t be to everyone’s taste. If you want a robust, reliable and efficient heating system all year round, an attractive outdoor wood burning stove is the perfect solution.


Advantages of outdoor wood burning stoves

Generic patio heaters are often large and clunky and restrictive, and often lack the desirable aesthetics many want in their heating systems. The advantage of a wood burning stove is that they come in many different styles, from traditional rustic designs to more sleek and modern finishes. Not only does an outdoor wood burning stove create a centrepiece for a more beautiful, welcoming environment, it can be used all year round, is highly versatile and provides more light and heat. If you want to host social gatherings in your garden you’ll want it to look as beautiful and inviting as possible, with an outdoor wood burning stove you get the best of both worlds. In summer your guests can sit around the glowing wood burner embers with a refreshing drink, while in Autumn your guests can enjoy the cosy atmosphere while they watch the fireworks. The possibilities of an outdoor wood burning stove are endless.


Disadvantages of outdoor wood burning stoves

There are some disadvantages of an outdoor wood burning stove. Under the Clean Air Act of 1993 local authorities can designate some areas to be ‘smoke control areas’. That means that in these particular areas it is an offence to produce smoke from a chimney, furnace or fireplace. This is because excessive smoke can be considered a nuisance and can affect your neighbours, especially if the smoke blows into their gardens and windows. When considering an outdoor wood burning stove it is important to bear this in mind and take precautions to install your wood burner in a location that won’t affect others.


Wood burning stoves at burning inspirations

At Burning Inspirations we offer a large variety of wood burning stoves that can be used all year round. A perfect solution for use in the deep of winter or those cooler summer nights when you want to make the most of the good weather. If you’re interested in an outdoor wood burning stove, contact Burning Inspirations for information and advice. If you would like to view the different styles of fireplaces and stoves available come and visit our showroom in Milton Keynes. Complete our online form for more information or call us for on 01908 507027. For more outdoor wood burning stove inspiration click here.