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Whether your big day is going to be indoors or outdoors, a fireplace can create a stunning focal point. Stand out from the crowd with a unique wedding using a beautiful fireplace set up that is sure to wow. No matter what season, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, a detailed fireplace decor always looks impressive. Depending on your season or theme, simply adorn your mantel with various candles, flowers, wreaths, mirrors and more! Use the space to truly reflect the personality of you and your partner! Burning Inspirations would love to help make your day even more special.


Provide guests with a cosy area, boasting an intimate atmosphere and a relaxed vibe. These areas will not only look fantastic, but they help your guests relax between the ceremony and breakfast and provide a space to take a break from all the dancing at your reception!


We particularly love this indoors-outdoors fireplace decor, using only a mantelpiece, stacked logs and simple ornaments. The bohemian theme of this wedding perfectly suits the mismatched furniture, rustic coffee table, and is perfect on a balmy Spring or Summer evening. We love the attention to detail in creating a ‘room’ in an outdoor space, from the hanging chandelier and vintage rug, to the positioning of sofas and armchairs that represents a cosy living room! This charming and quirky design shows that the representation of a fireplace with the use of a mantelpiece, is often all you need, without the fire itself. This is a great idea for warmer months that may not need the extra heat.

For a more traditional wedding, this stunning yet simple mantelpiece brimming with green foliage and soft white flowers is sure to grab the attention of guests. Rather than a more familiar overhead arch, why not place your mantelpiece at the end of the altar as the perfect backdrop to tie the knot? Not only would it look great through the ceremony, but it would perfectly frame the newlywed couple when registering the marriage, and would look fantastic in photographs!


For a winter wedding, a real fire can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. The crackling of logs and dancing flames are sure to create an intimate atmosphere throughout your day and evening. This simple Winter fireplace decor looks wonderfully elegant, and reflects the Wintery feel. Add some oversized armchairs and plenty of blankets to give your guests a snug and cosy setting.


Adding a fireplace decor idea to your big day adds character and is very affordable! Make use of the numerous ways you can incorporate a mantelpiece, stove or fire pit into your decoration plans with help from Burning Inspirations. Feel free to get in touch today by calling 01908 507027, or visit our contact page. We look forward to adding some burning inspiration to your big day!