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A white wood fireplace decorated with candles, fairy lights and a clock

After you have installed a new fireplace in your home, one of the most exciting next steps to take (beyond heating your home that is) is to decorate your new fireplace mantel and help complete the room. As fireplace mantels are the focal point of a room, you want to make sure that you’re making the most of it with these fabulous fireplace mantel ideas and decorating tips.

Here are 7 fireplace mantel ideas:

  • Picture frames, framed prints, paintings and mirrors

  • Candles, candlesticks and diffusers

  • Statues

  • Clocks

  • Decorative boxes or shadow boxes

  • Decorative plates

  • Stacks of books

Now you have some ideas of things to place on your fireplace, it’s time to start thinking specifically how you’re going to arrange and decorate your fireplace mantel. We have some top fireplace decorating tips that you can take advantage of.

How to decorate your fireplace mantel:


Different sizes and shapes

The first tip on our list of fireplace decorating ideas is to utilise different sized items and shapes on top of your mantel. This helps create a visually appealing effect and not appear stagnant or dull.


Don’t be afraid to layer different items in front of each other and at altering angles. Not only does this create depth atop your fireplace mantel, but it also makes it visually interesting. When you’re in the room and depending on where you are, you will see and notice items differently, which keeps it interesting.


Another tip you can use is to make use of symmetry. This creates a mirror image; for example, if you have a large item in the middle, such as a vase of flowers, and then place matching items either side it is visually pleasing to the eye.

Odd numbers

Odd numbers are often not liked by the superstitious among us, however, in this context, odd numbers are actually positive. If you plan on having multiple items on your fireplace mantel, consider using an odd number of them. For example, if you have decided you’d like candlesticks, opt for three instead of two. When it comes to groups, odds are better than evens!

Use items that complement each other

While it may be tempting to throw everything you see and love onto your fireplace mantel, resist the urge. Try not to be too random with your selection of items. It is always better to find items that complement each other with colour, style or theme.

It’s all about balance

When decorating your fireplace mantel, it’s all about balance. But, balance does not always mean creating a matching balance. For example, you can have light colours on one side, and heavier visual items on the other. This creates a contrast between the two sides, and it’s visually stimulating.

Focus attention on one staple item

This is a tried, tested and approved home design tip. If you’re decorating your fireplace, create focus and draw attention to one central piece. This creates definition, gives people something to marvel at and makes your fireplace mantel decor look elegant and striking.

Keep it minimal

Minimalists were right, keep it simple; simple is best. Don’t overcrowd your fireplace mantel as this can make it look cluttered or crowded, which is a look you definitely don’t want to create. Stay simple, you won’t regret it.


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