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Fireplace surrounds are a great way to create a unique focal point in the main living spaces of your home. Let’s explore the various styles of fireplace surrounds available, and which one to choose to best suit your space.

Cast Iron

Usually seen in black, these fireplace surrounds combine the traditional cosy feel of a fireplace with a dramatic edge, culminating in a focal point that truly stands out. By drawing on traditional styles, cast iron surrounds complement and enhance Victorian and Edwardian decor and styling. Due to the versatility of the material, cast iron fireplace surrounds may also be used in juxtaposition to contemporary decor, making both styles work against each other to showcase the best of their features.


Wooden fireplace surrounds are a great choice if you want to bring a natural look and feel to the room. Wooden surrounds have a natural warmth to them, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere throughout the room, and can be easily decorated for any festivity.
What’s more, wooden fireplace surrounds come in a range of price brackets, making it easier to find one that suits your home and budget. Available in various shades, wooden surrounds also have the advantage of being easily painted, further personalising your space.

Black Granite

A black granite fireplace surround is a bold statement that will look great in most settings. This timeless look will add a stylistic flair to the room and comes in various finishes for maximum effect. With honed granite, you will get a matte, almost velvety finish. The only issue is that honed granite is prone to getting scratch marks due to its softer nature. On the other hand, polished granite will leave you with a shiny reflective finish and is generally more hardwearing against scratches. Both styles are equally beautiful, so deciding on the option for your will mainly be down to personal preference and how the room will be used.


Marble is a sought after material, known for its elegant appeal. Marble surrounds can come in a variety of styles and are reminiscent of ancient and modern architecture.
Marble is also fire and heat resistant making it an excellent option for the fireplace.
Another added benefit of choosing a marble surround is that they are easy to keep clean. A damp cloth once a week will easily wipe away any dust or mess.


Limestone is an excellent alternative to marble for anyone on a budget looking to create a beautiful focal point in their living or workspace. Limestone is incredibly versatile, allowing designers to become creative when manufacturing limestone surrounds. Consequently, you will generally find more design choices available in limestone than you would in marble.

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