Give Your Woodburning Stoves A Spring Clean | Burning Inspirations
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Now that Spring has officially arrived, and we can see the Summer months on the horizon, it’s time to give the woodburning stoves in your Oxford home a well deserved break. After heating your home through the winter and providing an inviting, intimate atmosphere for guests, you can now give any stoves you have in your home a thorough Spring clean. Burning Inspirations have outlined how to do so in this handy blog!


To get a thorough clean over your woodburning stove, you must remove all debris and internal parts, including the grate, ash pan and baffle. Once emptied, give your stove a once over with the vacuum cleaner. For any particularly stubborn debris buildups, you may require a wire brush.



Remove the glass from your stove door so that you can inspect it for any damage and clean it without being in an awkward position. Allow the glass to air dry before putting it back together.



Woodburning stoves become the focal point of many homes, particularly in the Oxford area, so it’s important to keep them looking their best. Inspect the exterior for signs of rust, damage or dust buildup. If you find rust, seek advice on how to remove this without imposing damage. Areas with rust may also need a paint touch up, and old or tired stoves may benefit from an overall paint revival. Make sure that you use specialist stove paint which is available to either spray on or apply with a brush.

For further advice on how to keep the woodburning stoves in your Oxford home clean, or to discuss the installation of a new stove, please don’t hesitate in contacting Burning Inspirations today. Head over to our contact form or telephone us on 01908 507027.