Make A House Feel Like A Home | Burning Inspirations
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Moving into a new house is an exciting experience. However, we know that it can take a while for it to really feel like home. We’ve come up with a few house ideas to turn your new house into a home.


Decorate to reflect your style

Although it can be fun flicking through interior design magazines and scrolling through Pinterest to find unique house ideas, if the style doesn’t really reflect your personality and lifestyle, it’s not going to make your house feel like home. Incorporating your personality into your house is the perfect way to make it feel like yours. Bring your favourite colour into the design through paint or accessories. If you love music, have your favourite albums on display. Think about what you love and decorate to reflect it.


Photos / Artwork

Displaying photos around your house of family and friends can really make it feel like home; it adds a personal touch to your interior. Artwork is also a great way to enforce our first tip. Art is subjective which is why it can really reflect your personality and make your home personal. If you love travelling, you could put up art that represents that or if you have a love for music, put up artwork of your favourite album cover.


Get a fireplace

Houses with a cosy feel always feel homely. Fireplaces are excellent for instantly giving a house a cosy atmosphere. At Burning Inspirations, we have a wide variety of fireplaces to suit your style. If you like a more modern design, take a look at our contemporary fireplaces. Or if you like to have a more traditional feel to your home, we have a range of fireplaces to suit you.

If our house ideas have inspired you and you’d like to find out more about getting a fireplace installed in your home, fill out a contact form or call us on 01908 507 027.