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The summer season is finally in full swing, which means that now is the perfect time of the year to enjoy outdoor dining with friends and family. But before you can do that, it would be a good idea to spend some time making sure that your outdoor dining environment is ready to accommodate your guests comfortably throughout the summer months.

In our latest article below here at Burning Inspirations, we run through some useful tips on how to do this, so get reading and get ready to enjoy the good weather!



We might be at the height of summer, but many parts of the country are still likely to experience thunderstorms and wet weather. This means that it is important to make sure that you have some sheltered areas in your outdoor living space to cope with the unpredictable British weather. Canopies are a great option in this respect, as they not only look stylish, but they also provide the required shelter.



A table and a set of comfortable chairs are all you need to get everyone together chatting and enjoying the food on a warm summer night. If possible, opt for an outdoor round table, as these have proven to be even more effective when it comes to keeping the conversation going, as well as allowing for as many seats as possible.



As the night draws in, having adequate lighting is an important factor. Having a few candles in and around the seating area as well as stand-up LED lights can help you create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.



Summer evenings in Britain can get chilly, so consider investing in an outdoor stove to keep your outdoor living space warm and to make sure that your guests are comfortable and stay outside for longer – you can browse our full range of real stoves suitable for outdoor installation and use through our website.


Cooking equipment

Good-quality cooking equipment like ovens or grills can become the focal point of your outdoor space. Imagine how much more enjoyable your garden or patio could be if you could cook your own pizzas or bake a delicious loaf of bread to go with your dinner menu.

At Burning Inspirations we are all about enhancing your quality of life with our fantastic range of outdoor cooking equipment. Our equipment has been created to last and to look incredibly stylish, therefore adding value to your garden, patio, or outdoor space.
Our wood-fired ovens can also be fitted with wheels so that they are fully mobile. We also carry Kamado Joe ceramic grills, which allow you to grill, sear, and smoke thanks to their insulated body and temperature control functions. If you are looking for a smoker, check out our range of professional Bradley smokers. To discover our complete selection of outdoor cooking equipment, visit our showroom near Milton Keynes.