How To Decorate Your Fireplace | Burning Inspirations
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Have you recently got a new fireplace, or had one for a while and you’re not too sure how to decorate it to suit your property? We’ve collated our top ideas on how to decorate your fireplace and have shared them with you below. We hope you get inspired!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are very popular as decorations for fireplaces. They add a great feature on the wall above them and can really open up a room with the light they reflect. You can emphasise the type of interior you’re going for with mirrors. If you’re trying to achieve a very traditional look, go for a grand, ornate mirror. Or, if you’re opting for the contemporary style, find a quirky, geometric mirror.

Add a Bit of Life

Bring some life into your room with plants and flowers. Greenery can really brighten up a room and promote positive energy. If you don’t have time to maintain real plants, get some artificial ones to decorate your fireplace with.


Varied sizes of candles are an excellent piece of decoration on a fireplace. Tall candles surrounded by smaller candles are a great feature, and when lit at night with the fireplace, they can make the room feel really cosy.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace in Different Seasons

Adding flowers to your fireplace is a great decoration in both spring and summer. During spring, decorate your fireplace with daffodils. In the summer, add a big bunch of colourful flowers. In autumn, nature like leaves and pine cones can make really unique decorations. When it gets to winter, it’s time to start getting the Christmas decorations out!

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