Decorating Your Fireplace & Mantelpiece | Burning Inspirations
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A tastefully designed mantelpiece is one of the most crucial design aspects of any living space. It’s usually the first thing you see when entering a room and a great way to reflect the general style of your home. Below, Burning Inspirations have outlined several approaches to mantelpiece decoration to fit a range of styles.



Opt for long and thin vases with single stem flowers, shiny materials such as glass and solid, and opaque colours to create a bold yet minimal fireplace surrounding.



Stack logs into piles, adorn with carved wooden ornaments, and hang a driftwood mirror to bring the outdoors in. This style works particularly well with complimenting candles, but be careful not to put them too close to the heat of your fire.



If you want a less controlled look, go for a relaxed, asymmetric design. Use the rule of thirds to place things the ideal distance from the centre and group objects together into natural-looking bunches. Layer several framed prints stood on top of the mantelpiece to add depth and interest.



If you’re going for a symmetrical design, bring in objects of varying height. For example, a great tip is to stand tall candle holders together with smaller jarred candles or little succulents in pots. Make sure that you have enough to give the mantelpiece a finished look.


Map It Out

Go for a vintage theme with a globe or grand map in a distressed frame. Continue the theme with old brass ornaments and a stack of trunks stood beside the fireplace.



Compliment your stunning fireplace with some simple yet elegant plants or flower cuts. Rather than one large bouquet or pot, opt for several smaller displays of varying heights that fit the scale of your mantelpiece.

Design your mantelpiece in a way that best suits your personality and the character of your home. It is a fundamental part of your living space and can really impress guests when you invite them into your home. For more advice on mantels and fireplaces, call Burning Inspirations today on 01908 507027.