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No matter what kind of fireplace you own, it’s likely an important part of your home. It heats your home, creates a focal point in your room, adds value to your property and is great for hosting friends and family comfortably. But many people are concerned that gas fireplaces can be unsafe, so how do you keep your gas fireplace safe? Here are our recommendations for safe usage of a gas fireplace, so you can continue to create a wonderful homely environment for the whole family.


Get a professional installation

No matter what sort of fireplace you get installed, it’s important to get a professional installation from a reputable business. This is essential when installing a gas fireplace, as a botched installation by a rogue installer can lead to gas leaks, which endanger the safety of everyone in your home. It’s also a bad idea to attempt to install a gas fireplace by yourself, instead rely on the experience and skill of a professional. A professional installation ensures you keep your gas fireplace safe and a safe environment for the family.


Mind the glass

Many fireplaces feature a glass window for you to fully enjoy the flickering of the flames and this needs to be taken into consideration when safety is involved. There are obvious steps you should take with any fireplace, including lighting the fire correctly and keeping flammable objects at a distance, but what many people forget is that the glass window can also get hot. If your gas fireplace has a glass door, make sure that everyone in your family is kept aware of the dangers and teach children proper fireplace safety measures and limits. When handling the gas fireplace yourself you can wear protective gloves to avoid any uncomfortable heat. Preventative measures will keep your gas fireplace safe for you, your children and your pets.


Get a carbon monoxide detector

Countless studies have shown that there is no increase of carbon monoxide in the homes of those that own a gas fireplace. However, it’s always a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you use any appliance that has a source of gas. Carbon monoxide is odourless and generally undetectable. Mild side effects of carbon monoxide exposure include sickness, headache and dizziness, and if exposed for long enough can even cause death. Because of how serious carbon monoxide poisoning is, it’s always worth investing in a carbon monoxide detector in case the worst happens and a leak occurs in your home. It’s important to remember to change the batteries at least twice a year to make sure it’s kept in good working order. It’s also worth making sure your carbon monoxide detector is within a good distance of your gas fire, and any other appliances that use gas. A carbon monoxide detector is the best way to keep your gas fireplace safe from gas leaks.


Check for damage

The best way to keep your gas fireplace safe is to check it often for any damage that could lead to safety issues. This includes checking any electrical wiring, the chimney flue, ways for the fire to escape, damage or wear to the gas feed, and the stability of the legs of your fireplace. If you find any signs of damage that could lead to injury or harm, contact a professional fireplace installer to get it fixed immediately. It’s good to get your fireplace serviced and checked once a year.


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