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Increase Value

If you’re a homeowner and want to ignite your property value, you should consider a fireplace installation. In an era of ‘new builds’, houses with character are in high demand, and what better way to charm potential buyers than with a crackling fire that glows when they walk in the room. Leave a lasting impression by creating an inviting, homely atmosphere for homebuyers, and give the impression of a luxurious living style.

Even if you don’t intend to sell your house, a fireplace will undoubtedly increase your property value and prospects further down the line. With country homes, village life and rustic charm becoming increasingly popular, the opportunity to cash in on this should not be missed.

The value you bring to a property by installing a fireplace should easily outweigh the initial outlay costs, as you are investing in a character feature that soon becomes the heart of a home. No matter what style of property you have, from countryside cottage to contemporary new build, there is a mantel or stove to fit it perfectly. It is not always about sticking to what you know; we have seen some fabulous period mantels and grids in modern homes and, alternatively, a sleek design can bring an older property up to scratch.

You may have initial installation costs, but recent research claims that a real fire can add as much as £10,000 onto your property value. The average UK property value is listed as just over £200,000, meaning that you can potentially increase your home value by 5%.


With the cost of heating your home through fossil fuels continuing to rise as we constantly tap into this unsustainable resource, an open fire is becoming an increasingly popular and alternative method for heating the house.

We use the kilowatt-hour (kWh) to measure energy consumption and it has been highlighted that burning wood can cost only 2.5p kWh, compared to gas at 4p kWh and electricity at 11p kWh. This makes wood burning and gas-based fires a far more efficient alternative to electric heating, not to mention that wood burning can be sustainable and reduce carbon emissions.

Create a Social Area

It’s no surprise that people tend to levitate towards a fire. With an inviting glow, warm atmosphere, and flickering flames, a fireplace can become the hub of the home, a focal point for any social gathering and a cosy place by which the dog can curl up. Everyone in your home will want to sit back and relax by the fire after a day at work or a chilly winter walk.

A fire can really enhance your home in value, atmosphere, and efficiency. If you plan to make a home improvement this year, make it a fireplace installation with Burning Inspirations. To get in touch today, call us on 01908 507027.