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Are you giving your home a makeover this year? Modern country homes are becoming really popular as inspiration for interior design. But, what are modern country homes? Modern country interior combines the simplicity of modern, contemporary interiors with traditional country decor. Below, we’ve shared a few of our tips to help you achieve the modern country look in your home.

Modern Country Homes Interior Design Tips:

  • Pick the right colours and patterns
  • Wood is the key accessory
  • Warm up with a log burner


Pick the Right Colours and Patterns

If there’s one thing that modern interiors and traditional country interiors have in common it’s that they have fairly neutral colour choices. Traditional country interior tends to go with slightly darker, warmer neutral colours such as orange and brown, whereas modern interiors tend to have lighter neutral colours such as cream. To combine the two perfectly, we suggest going for light colours such as cream, duck egg or grey; you’ll then incorporate dark colour in our next tip. Checked blankets and cushions are also a great accessory for modern country homes but don’t go too over the top with patterns; remember to keep the pattern colour neutral.

Wood is the Key Accessory

Wood is perfect for introducing country decor into a modern home. Add a wooden mantelpiece above a fireplace or add wooden beams to the ceilings. Alternatively, get a wooden coffee table; many places sell wooden coffee tables in geometric shapes such as hexagons, which can really combine the two types of interiors perfectly.

Warm Up With a Log Burner

A warm, roaring open fire is the ultimate aspect of traditional country interiors. Modern country homes are taking the aspect of a warm fire but, instead, are installing modern log burners (also known as wood burning stoves) which still add a very similar effect and feel of a traditional country home. With a log burner, comes lots of logs, which are great for adding decoration to your home! Pile them up in a corner or have a woven basket full of logs.

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