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Your guide to multi fuel stoves:

What is a multi fuel stove/ burner?

A multi fuel stove is an appliance that is capable of burning a variety of materials aside from wood and logs. Instead, this stove can burn smokeless fuels, anthracite, peat and turf briquettes.


How to remove ash from a multi fuel burner?

These stoves are designed to burn materials as effectively as possible, alongside accepting a greater number of fuel types. Multi fuel stoves achieve this through having a raised grate with moving bars, or a central riddling grate and ashpan. Both these designs allow the burning fuel to be deashed, which maintains effective combustion conditions. To ensure safe removal of the ash, it is contained in an ash pan below the grate of the stove.

Many multi fuel burners facilitate the removal of redundant ashes by incorporating an Ash Management Solution (AMS). This allows the ash to be removed quickly and in a cleaner manner from the external ashpan. To facilitate efficient combustion in multi fuel burners, they also use a primary air inlet that introduces air from beneath the grate.#


How are multi fuel stove similar to wood burning stoves?

The similarities between a wood burning stove and a multi fuel stove lie within the heat output as both are highly efficient. Through the introduction of new and innovative functions and technology, both these stove types (multi fuel and wood burning) are now much easier to run, as well as much more cost-effective. So the two stove types have fairly similar benefits, you may be asking yourself: why should I choose a multi fuel stove instead of a wood burning stove?


Why choose a multi fuel stove?

The main advantage of multi fuel stoves is their convenience. With this type of stove, you can burn a wide range of approved fuels, you are not limited. This also means that there are a greater number of fuel suppliers, meaning you can find one close to you.


Can you use normal coal on a multi fuel stove?

No, you cannot use coal in a multi fuel stove. With multi fuel stoves you can only burn anthracite or manufactured smokeless fuels that are certified for suitable use in a closed heating appliance. Normal ‘house’ coals contain volatiles that seriously damage stoves and flue.

Your guide to wood burning stoves:

What is a wood burning stove?

A wood burning stove is built with a flat base and usually it doesn’t have a fixed grate. This is because as the wood burns the ashes are collected; when the fire needs more fuel, fresh logs are placed on top. In the process of wood burning, logs burn more effectively and evenly when they rest atop ashes; it also gives maximum efficiency and heat output.

What are the benefits of wood burning compared to a multi fuel stove?

There are many benefits for installing a wood burning stove in your home. In comparison to a multi fuel stove, there are many environmental benefits that come with wood burning. One of the main incentives is that wood burning stoves provide ‘green’ heat.

Wood burning is considered an almost carbon neutral form of energy. This is because during the trees growth, it roughly absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide emitted when it’s turned into logs and burned on a stove. If you’re interested in learning more about wood burning stoves, or the different types of wood you can choose for effective wood burning, please take a look at our previous blogs.

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We hope that you have found this guide on the differences between wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves helpful.


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