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We’ve heard about “new year, new you”, but we definitely prefer the phrase “new year, new home”. Are you thinking about giving your home a little bit of a makeover in 2018? The team at Burning Inspirations have been thinking all about home renovation and we’ve come up with our top ideas to help you.


Spruce Up The Walls

What better way to start your home renovation for the new year than to completely change the walls of your home! A quick way to do this is to change the colour with a bit of paint; create a feature wall that’s a different colour to the rest to really give an impact in the room. Similarly, you could create a feature wall using patterned wallpaper. Another very popular way to spruce up your walls at home is to add a variety of different prints to create a wall collage.



If you want a really quick home renovation idea, change or add some accessories to your home. A great way to do this is to add a few cushions or throws to bring some texture into your home furnishings. To add a little bit of more colour, add a few plants around the house or colourful ornaments to match your home decor.



Fireplaces are great for adding a feature to a room in your home. They can completely transform the look of your home. You can bring a contemporary touch with electric or gas fires or stay traditional with a standard fireplace. Not only are the great for giving your home a new look, they can also save you money by not needing to use your central heating!

If you’d like to get a fireplace installed in your home as part of your home renovation for the new year, get in touch with the team at Burning Inspirations. Come and have a look at the range of fireplaces, gas fires and electric fires we have in our showroom, fill out an online contact form or call us on 01908 507027.