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  • The Benefits of Electric Fires

    Another important benefit of electric fires is that some of the suites don’t require a chimney.   This means they can be installed on a  flat wall.   Some of the more modern wide ‘letter box’ style fire do have some depth to them – ranging from 170mm to 300mm so these models do require a false chimney breast to be built around them.  This can be built from just wood and plaster board ready to be skimmed over with plaster afterwards.

    Sticking with the theme of convenience, electric fires are generally controlled by a remote control.  The newer models are often LED lighting so cost wise it costs pennies when you have the light effect only – it’s only when you use the fan heater where the cost goes up in the running – 1kW or 2kW dependant on the heat you choose.  Another new design with these electric models is that the have a choice of fuel bed options which come with the fire, whether you choose a log effect or a clear crystal effect you can choose which you like the look of or just change the fuel bed when you feel like it.   The LED lighting on some of the the fuel bed nowadays has a choice of colours from orange, red through to green, pink, lilac if you choose – best thing is to come and see them in action.

  • Design Choices

    In 2018 we extended our showroom to have a specific room dedicated to electric fires and stoves only.  The reason being is that you’ll be comparing like for like electric effects, rather than in the other parts of our showroom where you may see a gas fire or wood burner along side an electric.  The electric fires have improved over the years but we find that with these fires it’s all in the eye of the beholder as to what you think is the better flame effect.

    Electric fires, like gas fires, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From contemporary inset fires to contemporary freestanding electric stoves, you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes and needs. This makes it the perfect place to come and browse some of the best electric fires on the market. At Burning Inspirations we have one of the largest displays locally according to what our many visitors tell us.

  • Our Service

    You can also browse our images on the website to see some of the range of electric fires at your leisure. If you come across something you like, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

    In terms of installation, electric fires are quite simple to fit. Beyond making sure that your existing opening fits into the inset fire all you need to do is plug it in. This means they offer a really quick and easy way of bringing that cosy warm glow to your living room.  We are happy to supply only with electric fires and with some companies like Dimplex for example we will give you a 2 year warranty when you buy from us as apposed to the standard 1 year warranty.

    If you’re interested in buying an electric fire, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop into our showroom!

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