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    Gas Fires Options

    Gas fires come in all shapes and sizes, and we offer a wide selection both in our showroom and on our website. The gas fires we offer can be split into two main categories: gas fires and gas stoves. Gas stoves, basically are stove but with a gas burner inside, which is easy to use, and are also efficient on the heat output. Ultimately, the decision comes down to an aesthetic choice, as both offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means of heating your home and adding that little extra feeling of cosiness to any room.

    Beyond the decision of whether to go for a stove or a gas fire the choice over what sort of look you want to go for with your gas fire. Is your room trying to look contemporary and modern, or traditional and cosy? We offer a wide range of styles to suit all rooms and visions.

  • Our Service

    Burning Inspirations has been fitting gas fires since 1995, so not only can you trust our ability to offer only the best brands. We only supply gas fires from the most trusted brands like Kalfire, Gazco, Element 4, Bellfire to name a few. You can also trust us to install the gas fire you choose to the highest possible standard. This means a safe, and long-lasting installation to give you peace of mind.

    At Burning Inspirations, we’re happy to just upgrade and fit a new gas fire it into your existing fireplace whether it be replacing a fan assisted gas fire for a balanced flue fire or just fitting a more efficient gas fire into your existing chimney with a standard opening.

    Based on the outskirts of  Milton Keynes in the village of Nash, our showroom exhibits a wide range of gas fires and gas stoves so you can come and see if anything catches your eye and inspires you. Sometimes you just need to see things in person for you to be able to really imagine them in your home.

    We also have more images on our website which you can browse at your leisure. If you find something you like or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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