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Thinking of installing a fireplace in your home but unsure of what to go for? There are many options available to you, from free standing stoves to mantels and hearths, all with a choice of fuels for every type of home. A fire is more than simple a way of heating your home; it can be the heart of a social get together, or a comforter on a gloomy day. Below we have highlighted a few benefits to be enjoyed from a wood burning stove installation, and Burning Inspirations can offer a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.


Energy Bills

With fossil fuels in high demand and crawling up in price, the bills for heating your home can soon add up. Although the initial cost of a wood burning stove installation may seem higher than its alternatives, it will prove beneficial in the long run, and really save you money.



With a wood buring stove, you are guaranteed a form of heating that doesn’t rely on electricity, piping or fuels from the national grid. In winter months, cracked pipes and power cuts are all too common, so why not go back to basics and keep things simple.


Eco Friendly

If you make the right choices with the wood that you choose to burn, the process is much more climate conscious than alternatives. Wood is a sustainable resource if purchased from responsible suppliers, hugely reducing your carbon footprint compared to the use of unreplenishable fossil fuels. Wood logs do emit carbon dioxide when they burn, but by planting replacement trees that then process carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, this negative impact becomes neutralised.



Does anything beat the sound of a crackling fire on a cosy winter night? One of the most appealing aspects of a wood burning stove installation is the authenticity of your fire. There is something very satisfying about stripping it back and lighting a fire from scratch, not to mention the incredible smells that can fill your room depending on the wood you choose to burn.

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