Traditional Vs Contemporary Stoves? | Burning Inspirations
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Burning Inspirations truly do believe that the hearth is the heart of the home; creating warmth, light and a focal point that can give your home an added feeling of luxury. Thanks to their growing popularity, homeowners now have an abundance of choice from both traditional and contemporary stoves, but with so much choice it can be difficult in deciding on a final design. Catering to homes in the Milton Keynes, Bedford and Oxford area, Burning Inspirations have a wide range of available designs.


Traditional Stoves

Many homeowners picture a traditional Victorian era cast iron stove; square in shape with ornate, leafy detailing and a hearth brimming with pokers and piles of logs. For townhouses in particular, the traditional stove designs are perfectly suited to the interior within such a period property, enhancing the authentic and rustic charm. Traditional stoves can look particularly authentic in a brick fireplace, but can also lift a home sat simply and modestly in the corner of a room, adding character and comfort. With many traditional stoves, the accent objects and furnishings surrounding the burner can complement the overall style of your home and create a feature of the fireplace area. Pile high a basket of blankets, stack some logs and adorn the mantelpiece in frames to create a charming feature.


Contemporary Stoves

If your home is more modern, with sleek lines, smooth surfaces and minimal style furnishings, why not opt for one of the contemporary stoves available. Whether you choose a smooth cylindrical wood burning stove or an inset, wide faced metallic design that shows the magnitude of flames within, you will not be disappointed by what contemporary stoves can bring to your on-trend home. Contemporary stoves can be striking, unusual and can easily become a statement within a boldly designed home.


What’s Right For You?

When it comes to selecting the perfect stove for your home, it really is a matter of personal taste. It’s important to pick a design that will not only reflect your personality and taste, but that of your home too. If you live in a quaint country cottage a traditional stove would be best suited, or if your home has been constructed with large glass walls and open plan living, a bold, contemporary stove may be better suited.

Why not come and browse the extensive range of both traditional and contemporary stoves on display at our Milton Keynes showroom, a short and enjoyable drive away from Oxford. For further information from our team, call 01908 507 027 today!