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Firstly, you need to ensure that there is nothing flammable within the vicinity of the stove. That means moving your slippers, or dog bed before attempting to light.

Before a stove is lit, the damper must first be checked to ensure that it is wide open and that a good flow of air can pass through. It is vital that the damper is kept fully open from before the fire is lit, right up until the fire is out and all ashes and debris are completely cool to touch with no heat remaining.

Similar to a conventional fire, a wood-burning stove fire can be started with either firelighters or old newspapers. Lighting the fire on old ash can be beneficial, so leave behind a small amount of old ash when cleaning out your stove. Ensure that all ash and embers are completely extinguished and cool before removing.

Add several pieces of scrunched-up newspaper into the cool stove and allow them to sit on top of the old ash. Throw in some small bits of dry kindling near the newspaper. As kindling is an easy burning material, you do not need to add a large amount. Firelighters can be used as a standby as they contain paraffin wax if the fire needs a little helping hand.

Light the old newspaper/kindling using a long flame gas lighter, and you can then begin to add larger pieces of wood at a slow pace. Throwing in handfuls of wood will only reduce the flame and lower the temperature. A good indication of when to add more wood is when you can see the embers glowing.

Dry wood is vital when it comes to lighting a fire. Wood that is damp or holding any moisture will simply not be able to light.

How Not to Light a Wood Burning Stove?

Using flammable substances to light your fire is dangerous and must be avoided. Substances to avoid include:

  •       Gasoline
  •       Lighter fluid
  •       Wrapping paper
  •       Alcohol
  •       Any highly flammable substances

Using flammable substances to create a fire more quickly will instantly create dangerous fires and cause an accumulation of combustible materials within the chimney.

Enjoy Your Fire Safely

Following these few simple steps will help you to enjoy the benefits of owning a wood burning stove while ensuring it is safe.

  • Do not leave your stove unattended when lit.
  • Invest in a fireguard if you have small children or pets.
  • Be sure the space around and above your stove is clear of flammable items.
  • Ensure all the fire and all embers are completely extinguished before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Avoid lighting the stove when a large amount of alcohol or medication has been consumed.

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