Investing In A Wood Burning Stoves This Spring | Burning Inspirations
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Almost everyone in England at the moment is praying for the warmer weather to start greeting us, so we know what you’re thinking: “why would I need wood burning stoves in spring when it’ll be warmer?”. However, spring is one of the perfect times in the year to get wood burning stoves installed in your property. Why? We’ve listed the top benefits of making your purchase in the upcoming season below.

Avoid the Rush

Most people purchase stoves during the colder months of autumn and winter; showrooms are always very busy during this period with lots of people wanting advice about what is the best stove to get. If you decide to purchase in spring, you’ll benefit from a slightly quieter showroom so you can be assured that you’ll receive the best advice from experts to help you pick the right one for your property.

Rely on a Safe, Quick Installation

During the peak period, installers will also be very busy and their diaries are likely to be booked up, meaning you may have to wait a little longer for your installation. If you choose to purchase during the quieter months of spring, you’ll be able to rely on getting a quick installation that is definitely safe. You’ll also have your stove installed ready for those colder months.

You Can’t Rely on English Weather

As we’ve seen from the snow in March, English weather is extremely unpredictable. We may be approaching spring and summer, but it’s still very likely we’re going to experience cold days. With wood burning stoves, you can keep your energy bills low during spring and summer by just using your stove instead of the central heating on those chilly days.

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