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All Year Comfort

Make the most of your garden throughout the year with a fireplace installation. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine or hot chocolate and watching the sunset? In many households, the garden becomes redundant through the colder months. Bring your garden back to life whilst enjoying the soft crackling sounds and glowing flames.



The beauty of a fire is unparalleled, and although you may not want a raging bonfire in your garden, the dancing flames and romantic warmth from a small fire will create an intimate, relaxed ambiance for all to enjoy. With a real fire comes soft crackles and mesmerising patterns as well as the fundamental heat that will allow you to sit back and relax with ease.


Ideal Entertaining

Whether it’s a low key dinner party or a larger gathering of friends, an outdoor fireplace is ideal for entertaining. Place it in an open area and arrange a communal seating area around it; allowing conversation to flow. If you’re hosting a dinner party, an open fire near your outdoor dining table will provide guests with comfortable warmth throughout the evening, meaning you can enjoy the outdoor environment until a later time than usual. Cooking on an outdoor fireplace is another great way to entertain. Impress your guests by grilling, smoking or even cooking in a pizza oven!


Deter Bugs

Have you even been forced to retreat inside your home because bugs have invaded the garden come nightfall? An outdoor fireplace or firepit, alongside some citrus based candles, can keep bugs at bay throughout the warmer months, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space after sunset. Softwoods in particular are ideal for bug-prone nights in the Oxford area.

If you would like more information or advice on indoor or outdoor fireplace installations, get in touch with Burning Inspirations today. With an extensive collection, including outdoor cooking products, we would be happy to help create your ideal garden environment in Oxford. Simply head to our contact page, or call us on 01908 507027 to talk to the team!