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Floating electric Fireplace with cream surround

Fireplaces are often seen as the heart of the home or a great focal point for your family. They can create a lovely ambience to various rooms, and there is plenty of choices available out there for you. However, we explore the surrounding benefits of what an electric fireplace can bring to your life.


Modern and creative

Electric fireplaces can allow room for creative freedom within your home- They give a modern and sophisticated look and you are spoilt for choice with a large variety of electric fireplaces available on the market, with various ways you can have them presented within your home. For example, you can have them wall hung, built-in, with a mantel or tailored to what you would like the best for your home. Although electric fireplaces are often seen as a modern feature within your home, there are plenty of styles available that are suited to whatever taste you may have, including, traditional, rustic, contemporary and transitional.


Easily installed

Electric fireplaces are easy to install, and just as easy to remove. You can have the freedom to plug and unplug as you please and can be fitted into almost any room. Electric fireplaces often adhere to safety regulations that are set by management companies, which makes it easy for the customer.


Energy and money saving

A great way you can save energy and power within your home is to purchase an electric fireplace, with their low-maintenance qualities. So you can forget the need to keep on top of a wood burner, the chimney and the mess that comes with the traditional fireplace. This can save the average homeowner between £100-£250 per year as well as you not needing firewood, gas and gas pipe installation, your life will be as easy as turning it on with a remote control.


They are safe

Traditional fireplaces often come with many safety regulations and precautions. They are hot, open and can be dangerous with the fumes they often emit. Electric fireplaces safer due to you being able to easily switch them on and off as you please, they do not give off any smoke or toxic fumes and are safer to get close to.



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