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Whether you have an Edwardian, Victorian or modern open fireplace, the regulations that come with having an open fireplace are put in place to keep you safe. When it comes to buying a new fireplace and using the existing chimney, there are also procedures that have been put in place for your well-being and protection, ensuring your home is safe before and after the installation takes place.

Here at Burning Inspirations, we pride ourselves in our professional and our registered installers that have carried out some amazing work. We have put together this guide on open fireplace regulations to assist with any questions you may have if you are considering to purchase an open fireplace or stove for your home.


Overall regulations

First and foremost, we would suggest complying to the open fireplace regulations by getting a qualified and registered installer to fit your open fireplace for you, making sure that it meets all requirements necessary. You will need to have the work inspected by a building control officer if you decide to get the fireplace fitted by someone who isn’t registered- So save time and hassle by getting it done correctly the first time around. Skirting board, brickwork, plastering and sealing materials must be finished and refined accurately before the installation takes place.


Chimney regulations

The chimney of the open fireplace is a crucial component. Before plans are signed off, you must make sure you have had the chimney approved of to ensure that it is secure from a construction perspective and intact for the fitting to take place. A smoke test will also need to be certified, to inspect the chimney for gas tightness and leaking smoke. If there are any issues regarding either of these checks, you will need to have your chimney relined.


Hearth regulations

Materials, size and thickness are the three main factors to consider as far as health and safety measures go with hearth regulations. Appropriate, non-combustible materials must be used to create the hearth, providing a safe and refined finish. The fireplace hearth must follow the ‘HETA’S’ open fireplace regulations. This means the hearth must extend a distance of 300mm in front of the fireplace and 150mm distance from each side of the fireplace. The thickness of your hearth will be dependent on whether the fireplace has been temperature tested- If you haven’t had this tested, the hearth will need to be at least 125mm thick, having 50mm air space.



Here at Burning Inspirations, we believe a fireplace is often the centrepiece to a room. Our high-quality products combined with our skilful and professional installations can help make your fireplace a beautiful focal point within your home.

We hope you have found this information useful and helpful. For more information regarding open fireplace regulations or advice on our installations please visit our services page, fill out an online form or call us on 01908 507 0207.