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With the demand for space in our homes rising, many people are turning to basement conversion and renovation for the benefits of additional room in the house. Basements offer great flexibility as they have potential to be used as an additional bedroom, living room, storage area or activity room. But being beneath the property means a basement can get chilly and the time and cost of installing heating can be severe. A basement fireplace is the perfect solution.

Can You Have A Basement Fireplace?

Many think having a fireplace is impossible underground, but not only can you still have a fireplace for your basement, it’s a quicker and cheaper option than alternative forms of heating. If you want your basement to be cosier and more aesthetic, an electric basement fireplace is the perfect basement heating option. It doesn’t require major work on adding a flue through the walls, and you don’t need to buy and haul firewood up and downstairs.

More Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

  • Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your basement that has access to an electrical outlet.

  • With no chimney requirement, they are quick and easy to fit with little to no construction work needed on the house.

  • Electric fireplaces don’t need time to heat up, they simply turn on via a switch and heat your room quickly and efficiently.

  • There is no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and they are more energy-conserving then other heating options.

Decide What Fireplace You Want

Some electric fireplaces are inset into the walls while others are freestanding stoves. They both have their own features and benefits depending on the style you want to go for.

Wall Inset Fireplaces:

  • Saves floor space by being mounted into the wall

  • Installing can mean as little as fixing to a mount on the wall

  • Gives a sleeker contemporary feel to your basement

  • Safe to run for the whole family

Stand Alone Stoves:

  • Uses minimal floor space

  • Has more presence than an inset fireplace

  • Can be moved around and positioned at any angle

  • Have realistic looking flames

  • Can have functioning doors for an authentic look

  • A statement piece for your room

Whichever basement fireplace you choose for your space, there’s nothing like the charm you’ll feel from sitting around the ambient glow an electric fireplace can give you. To get some more ideas on what a basement fireplace can look like, take a look at these amazing photos for inspiration.

For advice on which fireplace is right for your basement, get in touch with the Burning Inspirations team. If you would like to view the different styles of fireplaces and stoves available come and visit our showroom in Milton Keynes. Complete our online form for more information or call us for on 01908 507027.