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Cleaning a wood burning stove

There is no doubt that a wood-burning stove can be an attractive feature to have in any room of your home. They can help to reduce energy bills, are good for the environment, and can produce the perfect cosy ambiance for those crisp winter evenings. But how do you keep them clean?

Here is a quick guide on how to keep your wood-burning stove clean and in good working order. Regular cleaning increase its lifespan and burning quality, as well as reducing the risk of unpleasant smells when the stove is in use.

Cleaning a Wood Burning Stove

If you regularly use your wood-burning stove, it will need cleaning every two to four weeks. This doesn’t include a quick wipe down after each use. 

Do not burn anything other than untreated, dry wood in your stove. Anything else is not suitable and may cause irreversible damage which cannot be cleaned away.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Stove

You should give the outside of your stove a quick clean after every use. Before doing anything, always ensure it is no longer hot first. Use a soft brush or the small handle on your vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from the stove. Then, gently wipe the stove down with a damp cloth.

Over time, the constant cleaning can cause the outside of the stove to become dull. This can easily be rectified by using heat resistant paint which can be purchased for about £10.00. Heat resistant paint can be bought in either a tin, or spray paint. For a small area such as a fireplace, we could recommend tinned paint.

Wiping the glass on a stove

Cleaning the Glass of Your Stove

One of the best cleaning tips we can give you for the glass element of the stove, is to use the charcoal from the fire! As mad as this sounds, it is the most effective way to result in a streak free clean. Taking a slightly damp cloth, take a little of the charcoal ash from the bottom of the stove. Wipe in a circular motion to remove stains and marks from the glass. Then, using the same motion with a clean, dry cloth, wipe away any excess ash.

Emptying Your Ash Pan

Before you even think about emptying the ash pan, ensure the stove is completely cold. You will want to wear protective gloves for this. Using a small shovel, take the burnt ash from the bottom of the pan and gently slide it into the bottom of a metal bucket.

The ash should then be stored outdoors, away from bushes, sheds, or anything flammable. Do not keep the ash indoors, it can cause a carbon monoxide build up which is extremely dangerous and can seep into every room in your house.

Store the ash outdoors for at least 24hrs before disposing of it.

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