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We recently talked about safety advice for a woodburning stove, so that you can have the home (and fireplace) of your dreams whilst keeping your home and family safe. However, an open fireplace also poses its own potential risks. If you’re thinking of investing in an open fireplace installation for your home, it’s important to be aware of safety advice for an open fireplace to make sure your new open fireplace doesn’t pose any sort of risk.

Check Your Chimney

This is the case with any fire, but especially so with a fire that is open as you have no protection. Getting your chimney professionally checked should be your first priority when you’re considering using your open fireplace after some time of not using it (and every so often even when you use it regularly). If your chimney is blocked, the smoke and potentially the debris and even fire will have to billow out into your rooms instead.

Keep Your Distance

We would always recommend a fireguard anyway as safety advice for an open fireplace, but even then sparks can spit out so you should keep your distance. It can be the case that people coming in straight from the cold stand very close to their open fire which, depending on your clothing, could be a significant risk in catching fire yourself. This also means you shouldn’t dry wet clothes near your open fireplace; it may seem like a great source of heat, but a radiator is far safer!

Get Detectors Fitted

Have smoke detectors should go without saying, however, another significant risk with an open fireplace is carbon monoxide. If for any reason the wood does not burn properly, such as your chimney not being thoroughly cleaned, the burning wood can product carbon monoxide. This is a silent killer, as it has no scent and you can’t see it. It’s vitally important that your house has a carbon monoxide detector; it could save the life of your and your family!

With this safety advice for an open fireplace, you can use your fire without worrying about how it could harm you and your home. Always be vigilant and ask an expert if you’re at all concerned. The staff at Burning Installations have years of experience and are happy to be on hand to answer any of your questions; simply give us a call on 01908 507 027.