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  • Gas Stoves

    Gas stoves are easier to maintain and the lighting process is easier too.  Heat wise they can range from 2kW up to 5kW.  The flame effects are incredibly realistic with glowing embers and broken burnt logs.

    All you need to do light the stove by a manual control under the fire or many also have a remote control option.  For the busier person who wants a more instant heat and hasn’t the time to store the wood, light the fire and feed the stove with wood. A gas stove may well be the better choice for you.

  • Wood Burning Stoves

    Wood burning stoves give you a more intense heat.  Once people have had a wood burner in the past we find that they can’t be without one when they move houses as they love them so much.  There is something comforting about building a fire and watching the natural flames as it burns.  We describe them as a ‘working fire’ as long as your prepared to put a bit more work in you wont regret it, you’re just so much more involved we find some people become extremely passionate about their stove.

    The bonus about visiting our showroom is that we have many working live on display and you can feel the intense heat, see the controllability of the stove.  See the fantastic clean burn windows of the stove, they’re not just a pokey, small area of glass nowadays the good visual image of the flames.

    Our collection of over 100 wood-burning stoves is chosen from only the highest quality and trusted brands on the market, so you can rest assured that you’ll be making an investment in something that’s going to last.


  • Inset Stoves

    Inset wood burning stoves are another option for you if you’re looking for a real clean, contemporary feel. Built into the chimney breast, these stoves offer a modern take on a traditional fixture, a ‘hole in the wall’ fitting as we call it.  You have the ease of the fire being raised off the floor which makes it ergonomically easier to loading the stove, but also the tidy fact that it’s fitted flat against the chimney breast and the only area you need to keep clean is the hearth on the floor level when the odd embers of bits of ash may fall.

    We have 7 inset stoves working live in our showroom which we can light to demonstrate and also another 10 on ‘cold’ display  We supply a wide range of inset stoves which you can see various images on our website and our Milton Keynes showroom.

    Choosing a stove can be more difficult than most people realise.  There are quite a number of factors to consider before just picking a stove you like the look of.   You need to think about whether or not it’ll suit the style of your room, the heat output of the stove,  your limitation of your existing chimney, the hearth size for the stove. Fortunately, our team of expert engineers have years of experience installing stoves, so you needn’t worry. At Burning Inspirations we’re here to help guide you through the whole process, from selecting your stove to installing it and making your dream become a reality.

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