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Get ready to take your charcoal grilling experience to new heights with the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Digital Wi-Fi Charcoal Grill, Griddle and Smoker. With cutting-edge technology and ultimate versatility, this charcoal grill will easily be your all-in-one outdoor grill and smoker all year long. Simply fill the GravityFed™️ vertical charcoal hopper with charcoal, set your cooking temperature on the digital control board or on your smart device using the Masterbuilt app, and let Gravity do the work. Additionally, the Gravity Series 800 includes a flat-top griddle insert to sear and sauté breakfast, burgers, fajitas and more. Master the art of charcoal grilling and smoking.


With the Gravity Series® 800 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker with Griddle by Masterbuilt® experience charcoal grilling with traditional grates or a full flat top griddle. The DigitalFan™ maintains the cooking temperature. A hopper holds enough charcoal for up to 10 hours of use. Gravity ensures constant fuel to the fire. Get the flavour and versatility of charcoal with the ease of gas.


  • Reaches 225°F in 8 minutes, 450°F in 10 minutes, or 700°F in 14 minutes
  • Includes a flat top griddle insert and cast-iron grates for low and slow smoking or high heat searing
  • DigitalFan™ for precise temperature control
  • GravityFed™ Charcoal Hopper holds up to 10 hours of fuel
  • Convenient fold out cord storage in back of side shelf to prevent loss or damage to the power supply
  • Folding stainless steel front shelf for additional preparation space
  • Built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
  • Includes 1 year warranty

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 Digital Charcoal


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