Give Your Living Room A Contemporary Edge | Burning Inspirations
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Styles and designs are always changing when it comes to interior design, and keeping up with trends can be difficulty. If your living room could do with a modern redesign, then you’d be forgiven for putting it off to avoid the hassle and disruption of a full redecoration.

Thankfully, our latest article offers some top tips for contemporary living room design that don’t require an expensive or disruptive complete renovation. Whether it’s furniture, lighting or a new fireplace, these additions can easily transform your living room into something exciting and modern.


1. Replace Your Existing Furniture
Furniture plays a massive part in a room’s design and, thankfully, it’s easy to replace and relatively inexpensive to upgrade. Swap our big, bulky and ornate cabinets, sofas and storage units with sleeker more minimalistic options. Clean, straight lines and geometric shapes are popular with modern furniture; brushed chrome is a typical design addition for handles and trim; muted colours and light natural wood tones are perfect colour-scheme choices.


2. Opt For Minimalistic Lighting
Lighting is always important in the living room, but when it comes to modern interior design, minimalism is just as key. Instead of large ceiling light fittings or bulky floor lamps, why not completely refine your room’s lighting setup and opt for stylish recessed spot lighting? These lights sit flush with your ceiling, effectively light the whole of the room and (depending on the bulbs used) can often be much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.


3. Fit A Contemporary Fireplace
This might not sound a simple and straightforward way to modernise your home – after all, how many homes still have an original fireplace or chimney these days? If you live in a new property, or your home has simply had its chimney and fireplace removed/filled in, then don’t worry – you can still achieve contemporary excellence with our range of stylish electric fireplaces.

Still offering exquisite levels of modern design, as well as effective heating, these fireplaces simply require a single 13A plug socket – nothing more. There’s no need for complicated chimney or flue installation, meaning this design aspect can be incorporated into your home with minimal fuss, hassle or disruptions.

For more information on our range of contemporary electric and wood burning fires here at Burning Inspirations, with enough choice to suit any home and design, simply browse our website, call us now on 01908 507 027 or visit our showroom.