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When you hear the word ‘chimney sweep’, it conjures up images of Victorian Britain. You may picture a fictional child from William Blake’s iconic poem, clearing the soot out of chimneys in London, or you envisage Dick Van Dyke singing ‘Chim Chiminey’ in  the beloved Disney classic, Mary Poppins – or, perhaps that’s just me…

Regardless of the connotations that you may associate with chimney sweeps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that they don’t just belong in Victorian times. Many modern homeowners with fireplaces still choose the services of a chimney sweep.

Nowadays, this specialist job requires proper training and is no longer considered a hazardous occupation.


How often should i hire a professional chimney sweep?

If you have a real fire, then you will know this already, but fireplaces should be professionally cleaned by a chimney sweep at least once a year. Ideally, they should be cleaned twice a year if burning wood or log products.

Top tip: Summer is a good time of year to get your fireplace cleaned as it is now being used. Alternatively, you can also decide to book chimney sweep services at the end of Winter.


Do I need a chimney sweep to clean gas fires?

If you don’t own a wood burning fireplace, and instead you have a gas fireplace, did you know that you also need to hire a chimney sweep? While it’s not essential to have a chimney sweep visit every year, you should ensure that it is still swept occasionally.

All chimneys can get blockages, which is why hiring a chimney sweep to check and clean it before it becomes hazardous to your home and health. Blockages in chimneys can lead to carbon monoxide and other gases building up in the home.


What does a chimney sweep do?

When hiring a chimney sweep for the first time, you want to understand exactly what they do, as well as what is provided in this service. The main expectation is that a chimney sweep will clean the chimney and remove any debris.

An effective and good chimney sweep will assess the condition of the chimney, making sure it provides adequate ventilation. By utilising the services of a chimney sweep, they can regularly help to prevent fires, alongside also ensuring that your fireplace is operating as efficiently as it should.

While it may be tempting to clean your chimney yourself to save money, this is not a good idea. An experienced chimney sweep will spot signs of early damage or wear and tear that you may miss or are unlikely to notice.

Cleaning a chimney is a very messy and difficult job. Save yourself the hassle, leave it to the experts and hire a professional chimney sweep.


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