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Stove installation in a living room.

Installing a wood burning stove is incredibly exciting. You won’t be able to wait to sit down in front of those cosy flames on a cold winter’s evening. Before your installation begins though, it’s a good idea to consider how long wood burning stove installation takes and what’s involved. That way you can be fully prepared for the clean-up and aftercare, meaning you can enjoy your stove as soon as possible. 

The good news is that installing a wood burning stove usually only takes a single day. However, this is dependent on your property, the accessibility of the site for the installation, and, in some circumstances, the weather. Some sections of your new wood burning stove will need to be built in from the roof. If you have windy weather on the day of your installation, the workers may be unable to get onto the roof or may decide that it’s too dangerous. 

If this is the case, they’ll install whatever they can, clean up their mess, and return on another, less windy day to finish the job. 

Close up image of an open Fireplace burning wood.

Other Factors to Consider

How long does it take to install a stove? Well, that single-day installation estimate can change depending on a number of factors. Of course, you’ll want your new wood burning stove to look amazing. 

While a standard stove usually takes around one day to install, weather permitting, additional, bespoke requirements may lengthen this period.

To ensure that your wood burning stove matches your home and creates just the right ambiance, you may require some internal enlargements, knockouts, or bespoke hearths. These extras may add some time on to your installation because your installer wants to make it absolutely perfect for you. 

Twin wall chimney systems and internal chimneys will also add on some time. This is because the chimney and roof will need to be accessed from the inside. Your installation team will therefore, arrive with a plasterer and tiler in order to get your walls and roof looking just right when everything is finished. 

Speedy Stove Installation with Burning Inspirations

To have your wood burning stove installed as quickly as possible, it’s recommended to discuss exactly what you’d like in detail. On the day of installation, make sure you clear the area prior to the workers’ arrival, to get the process moving as quickly as possible. 

At Burning Inspirations, we aim to provide speedy stove installation of quality stoves in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. We understand how eager you’ll be to enjoy your new wood burning stove, but also want to make sure that it exceeds your expectations and looks amazing. 

Our team of professionals will talk you through the process, discuss your perfect wood burner, and arrive prepared to create a fabulous finish with a fast turnaround. Contact us today for a consultation and to arrange your installation date.