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It may only be August, but in England, when can we rely on the weather? We’re already getting wet days and the mornings are getting a little colder. When the weather is like this, we can only think of one thing: a cosy home. We’ve come up with 4 steps to achieve the cosiest of homes to get you prepared for the colder months or for if you just like to be cosy!



Nothing says cosy quite like wrapping up in blankets on the sofa. Get some to match your living room decor or if it doesn’t quite go with the style of your room, get a basket and fill it with lots of blankets. There’s nothing better than spending a weekend watching films in a blanket to make your home feel cosy!



When we think of a cosy home, we think of warmth. What better way to bring warmth to your home than getting a fireplace? At Burning Inspirations, we have a range of fireplaces to suit your taste. If you like the style of classic fireplaces, take a look at our traditional range. If your house is quite modern, check out our contemporary range and go for an electric or gas fire. We also have a stunning range of wood burning stoves available.


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren’t just something for Christmas! They’re perfect for bringing a cosy feel to your home and they can also be really cost effective, too. There’s now a wide range of battery operated fairy lights around which will save you lots of pennies by not needing to use the energy of your main house lights.


Candles / Fragrance

Filling your home with winter scents will definitely make it feel cosy. For the transition of summer to autumn, go for scents of vanilla or hints of rose and wood. As we get into the colder months, our favourite scent is cinnamon! Mixing the light of candles and fairy lights instead of your main house lighting is a very cost-efficient way to achieve a cosy home!

If you think the key to your cosy home is to get a fireplace installed, get in touch with us! Fill out our contact form or call us on 01908 507 027.