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Wood-burning stoves have been around since the 16th century, but fell out of popularity due to modern technology such as central heating and gas ovens. In recent years however, they have become more in demand than ever as homeowners look to enjoy the ambience and warmth of a real fire. There’s no doubting the beauty of a wood-burning stove, but what other benefits can they offer?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money this winter due to the current overwhelming cost of living, but we want our homes to be welcoming, warm, environmentally friendly, and pleasing to look at. A wood burning stove ticks all of these boxes – let’s take a look. 

Wood Burning Stoves Help To Reduce Bills 

In 2022, UK energy bills look to be increasing more than ever. This will force many of us to look for innovative ways to save on our energy bills, such as turning off our heating, switching off appliances, and keeping curtains closed to trap in the heat.

Investing in a wood-burning stove can go a long way to helping you reduce the cost of your monthly heating bills. Although they are costly initially, over time you will reap the rewards of heating your house with a stove – especially if you have access to wood!  

They’re Better For The Environment

Wood is a renewable fuel source and is much more environmentally friendly than gas and electricity. If the wood you decide to burn in your stove is sourced locally, this can be a virtually carbon-neutral alternative. What’s more is that wood is a completely regenerative source of power because it can be replanted when cut down and collected.

They Only Heat One Room 

Central Heating can cause a considerable amount of energy waste as it can easily be forgotten and unknowingly left running. Not only does this cost money, but it also causes additional work for your boiler, resulting in a shorter lifespan. A wood-burning stove will heat one room and so is usually fitted in the most used room of the house, be that the living room, dining room, or kitchen. The convection heat from the stove will rise up through the ceilings, warming the upstairs at the same time if vents are added. 

Wood Burning Stoves are Dependable 

Because wood-burning stoves do not require electricity, they are always available to use. Should your power or your gas supply be shut off, you will have to endure some pretty cold temperatures in your home. Having a wood-burning stove installed will keep you warm at all times whenever you need it, no matter if your power or gas goes off! 

They Create an Ambience in your Home

A wood-burning stove will create an unmatched ambiance in your home during the winter months. There are few things better than sitting next to one on your sofa when the rain pours outside in the cold. They provide your room with a warm wintery glow, making your home feel comfortable and cosy at all times. 

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