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If you’re considering getting a wood-burning stove for your Oxford home, you may be wondering how it could affect the value. Getting the best price for your Oxford home means making it look sophisticated and homely, with style being forefront in showcasing the potential of a property. If you want to entice someone into buying your house, a wood-burning stove can make the difference between getting a sale or not. You can impress buyers with the luxury and cosines of a wood-burning stove in your Oxford home.


Do wood burning stoves add value?

As far as adding value to a property, a wood-burning stove can be used to make a statement with beautiful design and elegance. The desirability of a property will increase it’s value, and a wood-burning stove is one of those sought-after items that people wish they had but never think to buy. Having a wood-burning stove in your property has become increasingly popular because of how sophisticated and traditional they appear. It also has the added pleasure and comfort in the colder months, making it especially desirable. While tastes will always vary and there will always be those who won’t want a wood-burning stove in their Oxford home, it is safe to say that a wood-burning stove generally increases the value of a home. However, increasing the value of your Oxford home doesn’t have to be about trying to sell a property. You can increase the value for your home for your own benefit. Some people just prefer having a wood-burning stove for their own comfort and pleasure.


Are wood burning stoves messy?

Many people are put off investing in a wood-burning stove because they have common misconceptions about them. One of those misconceptions is that they’re messy or difficult to operate and maintain. Most wood-burning stoves take minutes to clear out using an ash pan and the ash can be deposited directly into the bin, or even used for composting. As for maintenance, all you need to do is keep a supply of wood ready for when you want to light a fire. Some local authorities in wooded areas will sell wood and logs cheaply, and you can find firewood relatively cheaply online too. A small bulk bag from Certainly Wood costs under £16 a month and can last you a whole year. You can buy or build yourself woodshed to store it and you’re all set.


The benefits of a wood burner

There are various fabulous benefits of having a wood-burning stove in your home. Buying a wood burner can reduce the use of central heating and many find that their bills have reduced significantly. This added to the fact that the cost of logs and firewood is much lower than the cost of the gas or electricity to run your central heating, makes a wood-burning stove a highly energy-efficient option.

At Burning Inspirations, we have the most stylish, cost-effective and eco-friendly stoves so that you can make your home beautiful as well as efficiently warm. If you’re looking to increase the value of your Oxford home, the benefits of a wood-burning stove will help you. If you’re interested in buying a wood-burning stove, contact Burning Inspirations for information and advice. If you would like to view the different styles of fireplaces and stoves available come and visit our showroom in Milton Keynes. Complete our online form for more information or call us for on 01908 507027.