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The colder weather is finally starting to set in and autumn is well on the way. As the season continues to change it’ll start getting colder and winter can be difficult if you don’t have a reliable and consistent method of warming your home. Wood burning stoves continue to grow in popularity as they are a great way to heat your home, create atmosphere and a comfortable and cosy environment indoors on a cold winter’s night. Wood burning stoves are a surprisingly cost effective heat source, but there are other benefits of a wood burning stove besides improving the heat in your home.


Wood burning stoves look good

One of the main benefits of a wood burning stove is how good they look. A beautifully designed wood burning stove looks elegant and attractive in a living room, bedroom or dining room. Modern wood burning stoves are built to be aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to modern houses. A wood burning stove is a beautiful addition to any home and finding one that compliments your interior has never been easier, they’re also a lot easier to decorate than you’d think. As winter continues to approach and the weather turns colder and more dreary, you may start longing for cosy nights at home in front of a fire. If you live in a home that doesn’t have a fireplace you might feel like you’re missing out, but wood burners can give you that wholesome homely environment you want.


Wood burning stoves are eco-friendly

Other benefits of a wood burning stove that are highly desirable are how eco-friendly they are. Modern wood burning stoves today are equipped with closed combustion systems, meaning they produce very little emission and are cleaner to run than the wood burners of the past. If you’re interested in going green and conserving energy, a wood burning stove is a great option for an eco-friendly heat source. Wood is easy to buy in and is renewable. Wood achieves a net zero carbon emission when burned making it a carbon neutral fuel. This is because a tree will absorb as much carbon as it releases when burnt, as long as it is burnt correctly and with the right wood.


Wood burning stoves are efficient

One of the most underrated benefits of a wood burning stove is how efficient they are. It’s a known fact that wood is the lowest expensive fuel type compared to other fuel sources available. Wood burning stoves not only last a long time but have a higher heat output for less wood used, making them highly efficient at heating your home. A good quality wood burning stove is around 80% efficient, meaning 80% of the heat that it emits is going into heating the room. This is higher than most other fireplaces, most of which don’t go above 60% efficiency.


Wood burning stoves at burning inspirations

There are many benefits of a wood burning stove and they come in various types and styles for you to choose from. At Burning Inspirations, we have the most stylish, cost-effective and eco-friendly stoves so that you can make your home beautiful as well as efficiently warm. If you want a beautiful home filled with ambience and comfort, the benefits of a wood burning stove is perfect for you. If you’re interested in buying a wood burning stove, contact Burning Inspirations for information and advice. If you would like to view the different styles of fireplaces and stoves available come and visit our showroom in Milton Keynes. Complete our online form for more information or call us for on 01908 507027.