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A white wood fireplace decorated with candles, fairy lights and a clock

The fireplace is often thought to be the focal point of a room and your home. It creates a warm and cosy environment that brings everyone close together, so it’s important to make the most of creating a beautiful atmosphere in your home. The mantel has become a great focus of decoration and an opportunity for architects, craftsmen and interior designers to showcase their work. With this, it’s nice to add your own flair to your home, whatever your style may be. Burning Inspirations are skilled professionals in this field of the industry, and have put together some of their favourite examples of mantel-piece decoration and have provided some inspiration if you’re stuck on how to decorate your blank canvas.

Mirror mantel

Adding a mirror to your mantel is a great way to decorate your fireplace, as it adds depth and dimension to the room, making the ceiling appear higher and the room feel bigger, reflecting light around the room. It’s important to know if you’re considering this, the mirror should never be any bigger than the width of the mantel – choose a size that works well with the room, and complement its surroundings. Consideration of the shape of the mirror is also important, whether it’s a traditional, oval-shaped or segmented mirror, make sure the dimensions are equal and it isn’t over-bearing to the wall behind.

Rustic wood & ornaments

The Scandinavian/ rustic look has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Creating a minimalist mantel theme can be done by combining wooden ornaments, shells, horns and bones to achieve this aesthetic. Wooden candlesticks, neutral colours and minimal wall art will help create a laid back ambience in the room too. If this sounds like your kind of style, you can carry this subject throughout the room by adding some faux cowhide as a rug and placing cotton plants into bare areas of the room to add some graceful details.

Bright blooms

Adding a vase of fresh blooms to your mantel is a lovely way to freshen up a room. Whatever time of the year it may be, flowers, evergreens and wreaths will always be stylish, in season and will look the part on your mantel-piece. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all bring their own seasonal flowers that you can display in an array of different ways. Spring flowers that are bright and cheerful can look great in a vase or symmetrical vases on each side of the mantel. Summer florals can look great either on the mantel or in the fireplace seeing as we don’t tend to have the fire on in the summer months (most of the time).  Autumn and winter flowers and plants can look beautiful as a festive wreath or hung across the width of the mantel with tumbling ivy, hellebores detailed with seasonal fruits and spices. Ultimately, each display creating a warm and bright atmosphere to the room.

Framed paintings or prints

A simple, yet very effective way to brighten up your room and add a sense of flair to your mantel-piece could be adding some wall art or a framed print above it. This grabs the eye and immediately draws you into the focal point of the room. Purchasing a fancy painting, or even having a go at painting yourself can be a great way to bring the room to life and add some interest and detail to the four walls surrounding the mantle-piece. This adds a personal touch to the room that won’t go amiss.


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