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Is Marble a Good Surround for a Fireplace?

Your fireplace surround has the ability to completely change the look of any interior. It is often the centrepiece of the room so choosing the right material that fits your design is essential. While many fireplaces have wood surrounds, marble is becoming increasingly popular  because of its elegant appearance and sturdy constitution.  

The fact that marble has been a popular material for statues, monuments and home furnishings since ancient Greece shows how reliable it is as a material. Marble has come back into fashion in recent years as a fireplace surround because it’s hardy and fire resistant. It can also be carved into almost any shape, making for elegant and unique designs.


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Benefits of a Marble Fireplace

Selecting a marble fireplace comes with a whole range of benefits, making it a hugely popular choice. However, it’s important that you ensure you install a marble fireplace in a room with a lot of space to avoid overcrowding. To create an effective centrepiece for your home, you may need a large slab of marble to be carved to help bring out the intricacies. This means that marble fireplaces are often much larger than wooden ones.

So, is marble a good surround for a fireplace? The answer is yes, and here’s why:

  •       Durable & Hardwearing – Marble is a very hard stone, meaning it’s difficult to chip. This makes it the ideal fireplace material for a busy household.
  •       Neutral Décor – Marble comes in white, black, grey or brown colours with lighter or darker marbling effects. This means that the colours will match with almost any décor and can fit in even if you decide to redecorate.
  •       Fire Resistant – Marble is completely fire resistant, so it’s actually one of the safest materials to have around a real fire.
  •       Classic, Luxury Feel – Marble is still known for being the key feature in the houses of the rich. It provides an atmosphere of opulence which will wow your guests.


Cleaning a Marble Fireplace

While marble is hardwearing, it is also fairly porous, meaning it can stain if you aren’t careful. If you do notice your marble becoming marked or stained, it’s important that you use the correct methods to clean it properly. This is particularly important in homes with pets or small children, where staining is most likely.

To clean your marble fireplace correctly you should:

  •       Use a soft cloth to remove the dust.
  •        wipe the marble using pure, distilled water – tap water can contain impurities which may damage the marble’s surface.
  •       Use warm water – but never boiling – as this can damage the surface.
  •       Always squeeze out the cloth first so you don’t place too much water on the fireplace.
  •       Use a dry cloth to wipe over the fireplace – don’t let it dry on its own, otherwise you may notice spotting.
  •       If you are unable to remove the stain with water alone, purchase a special marble cleaner. Always test this on a small area first to ensure it’s safe and doesn’t damage your marble.
  •       Once you’ve cleaned the marble, give it a quick wax with marble wax to bring up the shine and sparkle.

If you’re sold on a marble fireplace surround Bedford, contact Burning Inspirations today to check out their range of marble fireplaces or get free expert advice on purchasing, fitting, care and upkeep.