Mantelpiece & Decor Ideas For Summer | Burning Inspirations
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The sun is finally starting to make an appearance in the UK, after what felt like the longest winter ever! With the sun peeping through, we’re starting to think about how to decorate our mantelpieces for summer! Whether you got a new fireplace installation during the winter, or you already had one, have a read through our top mantelpiece ideas and decor for summer.


Is there anything that says summer quite like having a big bunch of flowers on your mantelpiece? We don’t think so! Flowers are great to add a bit of life to your home all year round, but especially during summer when it’s all about bright and light colours. Make your living room feel as fresh as the outside with a vase of brightly coloured flowers in the middle of your mantelpiece.


One of our favourite mantelpiece ideas is having a big mirror in the centre of the wall above a mantelpiece. This looks great all year round, however, is perfect for summer as it helps to open up the room by reflecting all of the natural light coming from any windows; this makes a summer room look even lighter and brighter!

Candles and Diffusers

Would it be a Burning Inspirations blog if we didn’t tell you to decorate with candles? Candle decor is always up there with our top mantelpiece ideas. Even in summer, candles can look amazing on your mantelpiece, especially when they’re in light/pastel colours with a summery scent such as nectarine & grapefruit or fresh cotton. If you’re not a fan of candles, why not get a diffuser to add some summer scent?


Another summery piece of decor for your mantelpiece is bunting! Bunting isn’t just for outdoor gazebos, it can also look amazing in your home. Drape some pastel coloured bunting from your mantelpiece to add a bit of brightness to your room.

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